Media Monitoring Solution

Equinox Media Monitoring Solutions

EQUINOX is a versatile and multi-tasking solution for audio/ video logging, archival, streaming and transfer. Being provided on both OPEX and CAPEX basis. A must have product for all aspects of Media Enterprises.

Equinox Media Monitoring Solutions Introduction:

Equinox Media Monitoring Solutions is a full featured media recording, retrieval and monitoring system for TV, Radio & OTT content. It can take multiple kinds of inputs and record it in internal or external storage.

Based on successful combination of versatile modules including Compliance Recording, Content Detection, Multi-viewer and Ratings Analyzer, Equinox has been implemented in the projects of the largest Media companies worldwide.

For critical applications, Equinox provides a powerful backup function in Channel Cloning. This allows users to backup & replenish recordings from a second source, in case the main system goes down. Going further, the backup can also be cloned from the main, by Reverse-Cloning. It is possible to group multiple Equinox systems to build a logger farm. This modular approach helps in increasing capacity by just adding new systems to an existing setup on the fly.

Backing up with the wide range of useful features, Equinox has proved fruitful in further sales grooming and business promotion to the channel broadcasters.

Features at a glance
  • Native H.264 recording
  • Client compatible with all browsers and devices
  • Capable of logging OTT streams apart from TS/IP-ASI, SDI, Analog & RF-FM
  • Enhanced Thumbnail navigation
  • Content availability within a minute, for Monitoring and Editing
  • Video Content Search feature
  • Logo Detection on Videos
  • Enhanced Audio Content Search
  • Auto-detection and logging of Service changes in MPTS
  • Better efficiency, allowing higher logging capacity per server
  • Utilizes GPU for better encoding performance
  • Ultra-high-density logger server optionv
  • Further simplified API for third party integrationv
  • Auto update application from Web or Manually
  • Reduced network usage, allowing better remote and distributed solution deployment
  • YouTube Ratings Analysis
  • Remote configuration. Single point Web based configuration of the entire systemv


Compliance recording

Compliance recording

Television /Radio Station are required to keep the record of the on-air transmission output for regulatory and technical compliance to the govt authorities. Equinox provides fully automated recording of multi-channel audio/video signals in multi-format and the recorded content can be browsed immediately.

Key Features:
  • 24 x 7 x 365 days continuous recording or time scheduling
  • Auto Detection and logging of Service Changes in MPTS
  • Fault detection with SNMP Traps & Email reporting
  • Unique Cloning backup feature
  • Supports recording of TS in its raw format for monitoring and review
  • Auto-recovers from fault conditions, like stream loss, PID loss etc.
  • Date and Time stamping on clips
  • Auto purge clips on FIFO basis
  • Simultaneous recording in different rates/format/resolutions

Media Monitoring

Media monitoring module allow user to search, navigate and control the media content displayed during live broadcasting or in recorded media. User can create, share and export custom Markers and thumbnail of the data for the selected duration.

Key Features:
  • Create and Share custom Markers
  • Search on Channel, Date Time & Metadata
  • Allows browsing with fast / slow forward / rewind
  • Allows navigation on user selectable period thumbnails
  • Export content to any format
  • Flag ranges to prevent auto-deletion of important content
  • Simultaneous browsing of multiple channels

Rating Analysis

Consist of in-depth analysis of on-air content for audience measurement, business performance, apparent risks and opportunities, conditions, comparison with competitors. Through our rating analysis module, the content broadcasted can be compared either between 2 channels or amongst many channels and generate the graphic report for further review.

Key Features:
  • Supports unlimited number of demographic groups
  • Facility to add new demographics on the fly
  • Support comparison of multiple channels
  • Allows Zoom in/out on for a more detailed view
  • Option to save a snapshot of the Ratings graph
  • Automatic collection and analysis of Live YouTube Streams Ratings

Content Detection

Content detection module facilitates the user to monitor, recognize & quick search the custom & specific audio as well as video content being on-aired during a definite duration. i.e. a breaking news/ advertisement/ govt notification etc., which can be saved, shared or exported to the user as required.

Key Features:
  • Allows search on all content
  • Facility to mark portions of captured video, or import external clips to be searched
  • User selectable criteria allows flexible searches
  • Extremely fast search engine
  • Customizable report with facility to export
  • Search Video on Channel / Brand LOGO, Graphics popup or OTT content